Emergency Dentist Greenville, TX

Emergencies can strike without warning. Dental issues are not exceptions. When it comes to your oral health, preparation is key. Preparation and information can be your best defense against unexpected events. Without the proper steps, you may receive more damage than is necessary. You could even lose a tooth! However, if you know the steps to take in an emergency, you can increase your chances of a better outcome. Regardless of your dental emergency, we want to give you the right tools and information to protect your smile. 

Emergency Dentistry

How Will I Know It Is a Dental Emergency?

In some situations, it is easy to see when it is an emergency. A knocked-out tooth can be a major giveaway. However, some scenarios might be more challenging. What is the difference between a mild toothache and one that needs emergency attention? Of course, the more you know, the better prepared you can be. 

Knocked-Out Tooth

Having a tooth come out of its socket can be distressing, to say the least. If your tooth gets knocked out, you must beat the clock to protect your smile. You should quickly get your tooth into a container of milk or your saliva. This allows you to safely transport your tooth to the dentist while keeping it alive. 

Lost Filling or Crown

A dental filling or crown covers a part of your tooth to protect it from bacteria. Trauma and decay may be common causes for either of these restorations. As a result, it is a necessary part of your smile. If your filling or crown comes loose, you need to get to your dentist. This is because the inner part of your tooth is now vulnerable to harmful bacteria. 

Swelling or Abscess

Swelling is not a normal part of your face or mouth. Typically, it indicates there is a much larger issue occurring. If you notice facial swelling or painful bumps on your gums, it could indicate a dental abscess. It is crucial to get to your dentist as soon as possible. Infections in the mouth can spread to other areas of your body. 

Uncontrolled Bleeding or Soft Tissue Injury

There are a lot of blood vessels in the face. This means that an injury to this area can cause a lot of bleeding. As a result, you may need to see your dentist if you can’t get the bleeding under control. Additionally, cuts or injuries inside the mouth may need more treatment. An open wound inside your mouth can lead to infection without the proper cleaning or medication. 

Fractured or Broken Tooth

A chipped, broken, or cracked tooth can obviously affect the look of your smile. However, it can also lead to pain and sensitivity. Without treatment, you are vulnerable to decay and further damage. Quick action is necessary to restore your tooth.

Unbearable Toothache

Persistent and intense tooth pain can mean there is an underlying issue. You shouldn’t suffer in pain. Additionally, pain is generally an indicator that something is wrong. It could indicate an infection or broken tooth. You will need urgent dental care to address the root cause and reduce your pain and discomfort.