Cosmetic Dentistry Greenville, TX

We all realize having a healthy, bright smile boosts our confidence. Dr. Scott Marshall provides smile upgrades with cosmetic dentistry in the Greenville, TX, area! With innovations in modern cosmetic and corrective dental care, we can improve your teeth and smile with quick, painless, and surprisingly low-cost treatments.

Cosmetic dentistry takes countless forms, some of which are meant to correct injuries or imperfections in your teeth and others to boost your overall confidence. We also provide comprehensive dental services to our patients.

Cosmetic Dentist in Greenville, Texas

Cosmetic Dentistry in Greenville, TX

At Wesley Dental, we proudly offer veneers, ZOOM whitening, and take-home whitening kits. Veneers are a popular choice for a smile makeover. Our dentist will use a layer of porcelain to cover the visible part of one or more of your teeth to improve their shape and look.

In addition to improving the overall appearance of your smile, the material used in veneers protects your natural tooth. Veneers are also very easy to replace and not easily stained. So if you want a brighter, whiter smile, you are in luck!

We offer two different types of teeth whitening. Our ZOOM whitening is a popular, commonly-used choice that involves the application of gel to your teeth and using an LED light to brighten them. The gel used will help reduce sensitivity, protect your enamel, and improve the shine and appearance of your teeth.

However, if you prefer to whiten your teeth from the comfort of your home, we offer a take-home whitening kit as an alternative to ZOOM. Our kit is available for purchase in-office, and you don’t have to worry about making an appointment!

Wesley Dental is an Invisalign provider

Invisalign is a modern orthodontic solution that uses clear, tailor-made aligners to shift teeth into their desired positions gradually. Unlike traditional metal braces, Invisalign aligners are nearly invisible and can be taken out for meals and when brushing or flossing.

This enhances aesthetic appeal by being less noticeable and allows for easier oral hygiene maintenance. The convenience of less frequent orthodontist appointments and the potential for a more comfortable wearing experience are additional advantages of Invisalign.

Brighten Your Smile

Our cosmetic services are available in Greenville, Texas, and all surrounding neighborhoods and cities. We serve White Rock, Neylandville, Commerce, Campbell, Cumby, Miller Grove, Lone Oak, Point, East Tawakoni, West Tawakoni, Hawk Cove, Quinlan, Cash, Hendrix, Caddo Mills, Clinton, Floyd, Josephine, Farmersville, Merit, Arnold, and Celeste!

Our office loves serving North Texas and its incredible people. We cannot wait to help you feel confident in your smile! Call Wesley Dental for cosmetic dental care at 903-270-5279 or request a dental appointment online.