Summer Dental Care Tips for the Family

With summer break coming soon for school-age kids and parents, families can expect some changes in their usual routines. To avoid disrupting your family’s oral healthcare, you will want to prioritize at-home oral hygiene and other habits related to your smiles.

When you prepare for summertime ahead of its arrival, you can better fight cavities and maintain a pearly white finish in your smiles. Patients of all ages will benefit from preventive care from their dentists as well as proper maintenance done on their own. Read on to find tips from your dentist that can ensure you and your family can factor into your lives for optimal oral health this summer.

Summer Dental Care Tips for the Family

Stick to Good Oral Hygiene Practices

Your family likely incorporates brushing their teeth and flossing into their everyday routines. But with summer’s arrival, you may find your schedules changing. If you sleep in because you do not need to head to school, you might forget to include brushing your teeth in your morning routine.

Make sure you set reminders to ensure you do not miss this crucial at-home oral hygiene. You and your family should brush your teeth at least twice a day and floss once daily.

If you have a vacation planned this summer, do not forget to plan for proper oral hygiene habits on the trip too. Although you may plan to relax on a vacation, plaque and other dental dangers will not take a break. Lapsed oral hygiene may mean lasting damage to your smile, so do not skip any steps in this routine.

Limit Snacks That Harm Teeth

With the arrival of sunny, warm summer weather, you may want to indulge in certain sweet treats. Ice cream, sodas, and citrus juices prove popular during the summer months. But they can also pose a threat to your dental health.

Steer clear of sugary and acidic foods and drinks so that you do not hurt your smile. Sugar becomes acidic in the mouth, and acid will eat away at your teeth.

With weakened teeth, you could face a greater risk of forming cavities and other dental issues. Children’s baby teeth have naturally thinner enamel, putting them at a greater risk of these concerns.

Instead, keep snack options on hand that will be more beneficial to your smile. Crunchy snacks like nuts can scrape away plaque build-up from your teeth while you chew, leaving behind a cleaner smile. Planning ahead can help you and your family curb cravings that might otherwise harm your teeth.

Drink Plenty of Water

High temperatures during the summertime might mean you sweat more often and your body loses water. This could put you in danger of dehydration, low levels of water in the body. This condition can be harmful in multiple ways, including to your smile.

Oral bacteria can spread more easily if you have dry mouth, a condition that develops when your mouth cannot produce enough saliva. Fight dry mouth and reduce your risk of oral infections like gum disease by staying hydrated. You should drink at least eight glasses of water per day to maintain adequate hydration levels.