How to Prepare for a Teeth Cleaning Appointment

Do you have dentist appointment coming up soon? Whether you have visited your dentist for preventive oral healthcare many times in the past or are about to see a new dentist, you might feel more confident if you make preparations prior to your appointment.

Taking preparatory measures before you arrive at your dentist’s office can make your visit more streamlined and hassle-free. Find three tips from your dentist that can enhance your experience before your next routine dental check-up.

How to Prepare for a Teeth Cleaning Appointment

Stick to Your Usual Oral Hygiene Routine

A typical routine dental appointment involves a professional teeth cleaning and an oral exam. The dentist will scrape plaque and tartar build-up that will collect on your smile in hard-to-reach spots like near the gumline. Even patients with good at-home oral hygiene habits can develop this build-up, so everyone should seek regular dental attention.

Though you are about to get your teeth cleaned, you should still complete your usual oral hygiene routine that day. Brushing your teeth and flossing will remove the initial layers of plaque and other residues. Then your dentist can focus on cleaning more stubborn build-up, which will save you time and stress.

When you brush your teeth that day, do not feel tempted to brush extra vigorously in an attempt to make up for past skipped routines. Harsh teeth brushing will not get rid of extra build-up on your smile. In fact, the action will irritate the gum tissue and tooth enamel, harming your oral health.

Take Note of Your Stress Levels

If you feel nervous about going to your dentist’s office, you are not alone. But dental anxiety can sometimes hold you back from seeking the dental care that you need. Before you go to the dentist, take note of your feelings.

If you do feel stressed, do not hesitate to let your dentist know. The dentist, especially one who specializes in pediatric dentistry, will have the training and expertise to help you feel relaxed in their care. They can keep you informed about each step of the cleaning and exam to ensure you feel knowledgeable and comfortable.

You can also try deep breathing exercises before your appointment to help you feel calm. Consider bringing headphones and relaxing music to your dentist’s office that can also ensure you remain at ease throughout your visit.

Bring All Relevant Items to Your Dental Appointment

Before you leave to go to the dentist’s office, make sure you have all the items necessary for the appointment with you. For instance, the front office staff will want to confirm your dental insurance details. So, keep the insurance card or information handy to avoid delays or confusion upon your arrival at the dentist’s office.

If you have dentures, Invisalign, or other oral appliances, you should bring them to your appointment too. The dentist will want to examine these devices as well as the rest of your smile to ensure they function as well as they should. Forgetting these items may mean you miss out on crucial dental care.