How to Maximize Teeth-Whitening Effects

A dentist can brighten your tooth color with professional whitening treatment offered both in their office and through a take-home kit. These custom approaches to smile enhancement ensure you can achieve an even, safe, and beautiful finish when whitening your teeth.

Once you see the pearly white look of your teeth following this treatment, you will want to make an effort to ensure that these effects last for as long as possible. Your dentist will provide you with aftercare guidelines after your appointment. But you can also discover three ways that you can enjoy long-lasting results from your teeth-whitening treatment when you read on.

How to Maximize Teeth-Whitening Effects

Avoid Consuming Staining Agents

A common cause of dental discoloration comes from the items you routinely consume. For instance, dark-colored foods and beverages get their color from naturally occurring substances known as tannins. When you consume tannins, they transfer to your teeth and absorb into your enamel, leaving stains behind on the surface of your teeth.

Your toothbrush cannot reach deep enough to scrub away these extrinsic stains on your smile. Professional teeth whitening can lift this type of discoloration to make your smile brighter though. But if you consume more staining agents, you could form more stains on your smile.

Limit your exposure to tannins and other staining agents by paying attention to your diet. Red wine, coffee, and tea are all examples of beverages that could stain your smile.

Diluting a beverage with milk or sipping through a straw can reduce your risk of forming dental stains. But these efforts will not eliminate the danger entirely. So take note of your diet and its impact on your tooth color. Maximize the benefits of teeth whitening by avoiding staining agents.

Continue Proper Oral Hygiene

You can ensure your smile continues looking bright and beautiful after teeth-whitening treatment by maintaining good oral hygiene habits. Practicing proper oral hygiene keeps your teeth clean and therefore strong and healthy. With good oral health, your teeth can better resist dental discoloration.

Make sure you brush your teeth at least twice per day, morning and night. And floss every day too. This consistent and thorough regimen removes harmful residues that would weaken your teeth if left on your smile. Plus, brushing your teeth can remove some surface stains to ensure your smile looks its best.

Attend Regular Dental Appointments

Good oral hygiene will also require attending routine teeth cleaning appointments at your dentist’s office. Your toothbrush cannot reach all areas of the surface of your teeth. So your dentist will need to provide professional cleaning services to maximize oral hygiene.

Without this care, your teeth could suffer damage that will impact their color as well as their health. Plus, these appointments make for prime opportunities to discuss touch-ups to your whitening treatment. Learn more by booking your routine dental check-up in Greenville, TX today online or by phone at 903.270.5279.