Answering Common Dental Implant Questions

Are you interested in implant treatment but want to know more before you commit to restorative treatment? Ask our friendly team! We provide dental implants in Greenville, TX, for patients who have one or more permanent missing teeth.

Dental implants provide stability and strength to single dental crowns, bridges, and dentures. They are typically known as the gold standard for replacing missing teeth and providing lasting restorations for patients.

dental implants in Greenville, TX

FAQs: Dental Implants in Greenville, TX

Read answers to popular questions about implants and implant treatment: 

Are dental implants permanent?

Yes, the titanium implant posts should be permanent. Once the implant fuses with the jaw bone, you should not need to replace your implant. While you may need to replace your crown, bridge, or denture over time, the implant post is permanent. 

How do dental implants improve your oral health?

Dental implants take the place of a missing tooth root, which comes with many benefits. Implants fuse with the jaw bone, supporting healthy bone tissue and preventing problems like facial sagging. Dental implants also prevent teeth from shifting to fill the gap left by missing teeth.

Patients with multiple missing teeth especially find it difficult to bite comfortably and speak clearly. Restoring the smile with implant-secured bridges and dentures can make everyday life much simpler and more comfortable for patients. 

How do you clean dental implants?

You do not need to remove your implant-secured restorations to clean them. Instead, you can gently brush your crowns, bridges, or dentures with a soft-bristled brush. Avoid abrasive ingredients in toothpaste, such as charcoal, to prevent damage to the restoration. You may also use different types of floss according to your personal preference. Some patients may find that water flossers or waxed floss works for them.

Do dental implants get cavities?

No, the implants themselves will not get cavities. However, you can develop gum disease or tooth decay surrounding your implant restoration. This is why patients need to clean their implant-supported restorations carefully.

Is dental implant treatment painful?

No, you should not feel anything during your implant surgery or placement. As with other dental surgeries, we will ensure that you have pain medications and ice packs after you recover following treatment. We will also recommend that you follow a soft diet to avoid sensitivity at the surgical sites.

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